Welcome to Baja Nights Jewelry, where the new spirit of Mexico comes to life.

Baja Nights Jewelry

We use only

the finest quality of silver set

with unusual combinations of resins and

semiprecious gemstones.


Discover liquid sunsets in amber and amethyst,

or the translucent greens of tropical palms

in peridot against a blue topaz sky.


Gaze into the depths of an opal

and delight in Mexico's fiery intensity.


Experience the brilliant reds of a setting ocean sun in an array of coral shells, and the sensuality of the sea

in Biwa and Mabe pearls.


Let me, Susan Grant, be your guide

as we explore Mexico's gifts from the earth and sea.


Indulge and enjoy, your experience is about to begin...

©2012 Baja Nights